I’ve enjoyed my life with beercamp.


I am Hiroyuki Ikawa.

It is just a unique project that I started a few years ago.

It’ not a hobby, not a job. It may be my lifework.

beercamp is not a usual camp you can imagine.

campers at asakusa Japan

Hi ! Let’s drink beer here!”


I always say to you in the street like that”Hi, Let’s drink beer here”

“Here? Now?”

“Yes, here. ”

I’m crazy? Yes maybe. But I don’t care.

I can’t explain it well. So when I have to explain beercamp for somebody I always say ” It’s something like art.

I don’t know if beercamp is art.

beercamp is not only drinking beer with new people in street but also painting on your images.


Paint On You

I take campers’ photos(I called the participant “campers”),put them on plywoods(size 1800mm x 900mm) and paint on them.Or screen-transfer them to plywoods. Anyway I record campers by painting on them.

The campers are on the axis of my life until I dead.


is a important keyword

I’m conscious of dead while I paint on you.Because more I paint, closer to death.

Sun’yori and Kaske

2 characters in this story

beercamp has the story.It is a future story.

I’m doing beercamp feeling the story.

Chapter 1

Kaske has been running to somewhere.

He screamed but anybody didn’t notice that.

He run groping for something in the dark.

He knew this way came to a dead end.

He was never surprised, Usually any direction he goes,

it’s a dead end. So he doesn’t mind that, Just brake it.

He has been crazy more and more cause of the loneliness.

But he was not crazy, the surrounding environment was crazy.

“Hey,It’s OK? Me? NO. Always NO past 20 years.”

Kaske is always running into something.

He takes refuge in Art or Music.

Is there something to escape except them?

No, definitely not.

He is crazy but he is crazy correctly.

He was fairly exhausted everyday, surviving.

Kaske has been feeling a little bad.

The reason was clear.

Because he wanted to travel abroad but he hasn’t recently.

His mother’s family came from a little island of the Seto Inland Sea.

The people emigrated to the South of America before the World War Ⅱ.

Chapter 2

A Korean woman was in Taiwan. Her name is Sun’yori .

There are not the concepts of nation,national boarder and nationality in this era. So, to be precise, Sun’yori who came from the place called Korea before was in the place called Taiwan before.


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