About beercamp in 2015

I’ve been thinking about beercamp 2015  everyday, What should I do? What is important for it? What is the best way to get  the campers excited? What kind of people do I want to meet? Where is the best place for the first beercamp 2015? What do I want to do this year? Thinking,Thinking,Thinking….

beercamp is a very personal project. It is impossible to explain what it is. It is meeting new people in the street, drinking beer, making space, painting, telling story,making music,etc. What is the purpose? Or is there the purpose? I can’t find it yet.

Uhmm….I may do beercamp on June 20 (sat) somewhere Tokyo.


But this summer I’m going to do beercamp. I haven’t decided where it will be yet.
Anyway,let me talk about art, I noticed that arts I was most inspired by were from the 80~90’s. For example,Basquiat,Warhol and Keith Haring. So they are pop artists. I really liked Keith Haring. I used to copy his unique character when I was young.



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