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  • I’ve been painting, painting PAOFBA05
  • I’ve been painting, painting PAOFBA05
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I’ve been painting, painting PAOFBA05







I worked on a part-time job but…I will never do it.

I worked on a part-time job to make money for beercamp abroad on the last weekend.


I reconsidered beercamp.Then I will restart it .

I’ve been rethinking about beercamp these days. I noticed to forget the first purposes.when I started to do beercamp, the purposes were to go around the world, to meet new people and to see other world . Five years ago, I went to Harajuku Tokyo by bus and train with the beercamp’s BOX which made of wood. It was the first beercamp.

I started it for breaking a stereotype of my own world. The BOX was a suitcase that I can look around the world. I’ll go abroad to do beercamp.


I’ll have to make money for doing beercamp abroad. So I’m going to start a side business because the money that I got on my regular business is for my family. Beercamp is a my personal project. But It is not easy to start a side business. So I thought that I was going to work on a part-time job for now.

beercampを海外でやるにあたって、当然ながら資金がいります。 で、beercampは個人的なそして真剣な遊びなので、一家の大黒柱として家族の為に稼いだお金を一銭も使う訳にはいかない。本職とは別に副業して資金を一から稼ごうと思う。なのでとりあえずバイトしようと考えました。

I’m going to give my wife Kumi  a half of the money that I earned on the side business and the part-time job. The rest of money is for beercamp abroad. Because Kumi and my sons Hazu,Miru would miss me if I went on trip for beercamp even a few days. One thing what I can do is “I’m sorry,Kumi,Hazu,Miru, but I can stand any more,I want to do my project. It’s just only a few days, OK? I love you.”


I want to do beercamp in NY or London as first beeramp abroad. Or other countries I haven’t been. It costs ¥250,000. I’ll have to earn ¥500,000 since I give kumi a half of it. It is not easy to get ¥500,000 by a part-time job.I must feel embarrassed to work with many students.



About beercamp in 2015

I’ve been thinking about beercamp 2015  everyday, What should I do? What is important for it? What is the best way to get  the campers excited? What kind of people do I want to meet? Where is the best place for the first beercamp 2015? What do I want to do this year? Thinking,Thinking,Thinking….

beercamp is a very personal project. It is impossible to explain what it is. It is meeting new people in the street, drinking beer, making space, painting, telling story,making music,etc. What is the purpose? Or is there the purpose? I can’t find it yet.

Uhmm….I may do beercamp on June 20 (sat) somewhere Tokyo.


But this summer I’m going to do beercamp. I haven’t decided where it will be yet.
Anyway,let me talk about art, I noticed that arts I was most inspired by were from the 80~90’s. For example,Basquiat,Warhol and Keith Haring. So they are pop artists. I really liked Keith Haring. I used to copy his unique character when I was young.

[STOFBC] Chapter 1 & 2

Sun’yori and Kaske

2 characters in this story
beercamp has the story.It is a future story.
I’m doing beercamp feeling the story.

Chapter 1

Kaske has been running to somewhere.
He screamed but anybody didn’t notice that.
He run groping for something in the dark.
He knew this way came to a dead end.
He was never surprised, Usually any direction he goes,
it’s a dead end. So he doesn’t mind that, Just brake it.
He has been crazy more and more cause of the loneliness.
But he was not crazy, the surrounding environment was crazy.
“Hey,It’s OK? Me? NO. Always NO past 20 years.”
Kaske is always running into something.
He takes refuge in Art or Music.
Is there something to escape except them?
No, definitely not.
He is crazy but he is crazy correctly.
He was fairly exhausted everyday, surviving.
Kaske has been feeling a little bad.
The reason was clear.
Because he wanted to travel abroad but he hasn’t recently.
His mother’s family came from a little island of the Seto Inland Sea.
The people emigrated to the South of America before the World War Ⅱ.

Chapter 2

A Korean woman was in Taiwan. Her name is Sun’yori .
There are not the concepts of nation,national boarder and nationality in this era. So, to be precise, Sun’yori who came from the place called Korea before was in the place called Taiwan before.